Acking and Hacking…

Acking comes from the whole ‘Ack I’m not finished the Damn Book yet’. I’m close, but something is missing. I have a general idea of what is going to happen but someone is dragging their feet getting there. Not sure if its the mc who doesn’t want to face what’s happened to her family, Tyr who doesn’t want to fess up to what he’s done or me because if I finish the book then it will be over. I know this is the first book in at least four, so I won’t technically be away from these characters for long, but it’s like going to visit friends sometimes. You really don’t want to go, you’re having such a good time with them (or in this case, awful things are happening and you don’t want to leave them just yet). It’s not like I won’t have to go back and edit this one before I let it see the light of another person’s hard drive, except my CP (God bless and keep you!). I’m being a ninny, I know I’m being a ninny and still… I’m a ninny.

The Hacking comes from being sick. A good patient, I do not make. I’m not the one who wants to cuddle and get kisses and be coddled. Don’t give me chocolates or stuff animals, magazines or books I haven’t chosen myself. Leave me alone, preferably WAAAY alone. I do not want to be touched. I’m gross and phlemy and if you want to touch me like this you’re insane and I have no bones about telling you…and while I’m picking these bones, there’s a list I’ve been meaning to ‘discuss’ with you. I have to do a lot of apologizing when I get better. Most people I love know to leave me alone, when I’m sick. They pop in to make sure I’m eating (something I don’t do much of when sick, which makes me more sick, I know), might cook me soup (I love soup) but they don’t interact much with me. And I’m grateful. I had to put on my ‘Happy Face’ for the kiddos that came to visit today. Which makes me grumpy, because I’m hacking and coughing and sputtering and going through tissues a box at a time. The kids think I’m a freaking moron, my cousin gives me a pitying look, and my mother tries to keep me away from everyone so I won’t have too much apologizing. And my cat tries to permanently attach herself to my lap…even while standing. She loves the computer, the table I’m sitting at, she’ll even give the kidlets love (not much mind, she’s a little skittish around the minis), all in an effort to make me feel better. I love her, I really do, but come on. Cuddle on the bed, while I’m sleeping.

Now excuse me while I continue acking and hacking my way to THE END. My book will not die at this point.

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