Tuesday Talk with Cathryn Cade!

Samhain Publishing has so many wonderful authors. Please help me welcome another one, Cathryn Cade! Don’t forget to comment for a chance to win her latest!
A native of Montana, I live in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my husband, two tall, handsome sons and a golden retriever named Buddy. I write red hot romance with danger and laughter in the mix, for Samhain Publishing.
Without further ado…the interview!
1.      Who was your first author crush and why?
Definitely Jayne Ann Krentz, writing as Amanda Quick. I was in my first year of teaching as a middle school librarian. I did not enjoy that job, and those dashing tales of historical romance got me through some hard times. No matter the genre, she writes with such humour and rich emotion that I was comforted by existing for a time in her story world.
2.      What was your first clue you were a writer? Was it a long journey or a short one? Have you always known?
 I’ve been writing stories since I was old enough to hold a pencil. The early attempts were short, full of dramatic emotion and very little plot, lol. I started writing romance when I was home full-time with two little boys. I got so mad at the ending of a romance novel that I threw it across the room. Fortunately it was a paperback, so no windows were broken.  I then sat down and wrote the beginning and a passionate love scene for a story of my own. I soon lost interest and went on to another story, new characters. I spent the next several years doing this, until I went to a book signing at B&N, and met a ‘real’ romance writer. I got goose bumps as she spoke, because she had also begun her romance writing journey as a homemaker with small children. At that moment I realized I, too, could write a real book and get published. Soon after that my husband’s job moved us to Portland Oregon, and I was able to join the RWA chapter, Rose City Romance Writers. That’s when I truly began to learn how to write a marketable romance and how to get my stories in front of people who could publish them.
3.      What are some of your writer-esque quirks (do you have to be in your pjs? always facing the door? Do people look at you after something funny happens and say ‘that’s going in a book, isn’t it?’)?
 When I’m in the throes of beginning a book, I live with one foot in that world. I may get up from the dinner table, or out of bed to note down an character trait or a plot point before it can escape. My husband is so patient with me. I also carry a notebook or my baby Acer when we go out on car trips, or out in our boat. He fishes, I plot.
4.      Finish this joke: A clown, a priest and a writer all get onto an elevator…
Sorry, this story is missing a key element … where’s the blonde? ;D
5.      Speed round: Without giving it too much thought, pick which one you favour over the other: 
Chocolate  both necessities of life     flowers
Talk                             or         Text
Mountains                   or         Beach
Cowboy                     or         Marine
Winedepends on the mood and the menu  Beer
Cats                             or         Dogs
Ebooks                       or         Paperbacks
Pantser                                    or         Plotter
Batman                        or         Superman
Ability to fly               or         Power to be invisible
Prius                            or         Hemmie
Follow the rules-real life        or         Break the rules-story characters
TV                               or         Movies
NY      Hmm, neither. Portland, OR is a big enough city for me     LA
Vampires                     or         Angels
Fall      can’t choose just one             Spring
Neat                            or         Messy
Werewolf                   or         Genie
Tell jokes                     or         Pull pranks
Home cooked meals –I’m a great cook, but love to Go out to a restaurant
This last year, a new series was born.

My husband and I have traveled to Hawaii several times, and I fall more love with the islands with each visit. Being a writer and a romantic at heart, I spent some time last year on the long and winding road down from Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, doing what I do best — daydreaming.

What if I were a young, single tourist? And what if I met a handsome Hawaiian … and you know how daydreaming goes. There’s a little bit of me in every one of my heroines. And a bit of my husband in every one of my heroes.

That was the beginning of Hawaiian Heroes I; Walking in Fire. Writing Melia and David’s story was more fun than I’ve had since … well, since we were actually in Hawaii. I spent a good part of this last fall and early winter in my office with beautiful Hawaiian music streaming on Pandora Internet Radio as I keyboarded, transporting myself away from cold rain to a tropical paradise full of intrigue, danger and hot, hot sensual romance. My characters always seem to fall into bed and then into love, lol.

Here’s a quick blurb, so you can meet Melia and ‘Malu’.

Born to defend his people, he will sacrifice everything—for her.
Nawea Bay, a remote Hawaiian paradise, is just the haven Melia Carson needs to escape the chill of heartache. Instead, she finds herself swept up in a tropical heat wave, fueled by her unexpected attraction to a handsome native she meets on a snorkel tour.

He’s big, powerful, hot enough to melt her defenses—and he’s not all he seems. How else could he survive an injury that should have killed him…and why does she dream of him garbed in ancient native dress and wreathed in flames?

David “Malu” Ho’omalu is on the Big Island to find and destroy a cache of dangerous designer drugs before they can be sold to his people. Fending off amorous female tourists is part of the job, but one look in Melia’s blue eyes, and his instincts scream that she is his.

As Melia surrenders to the desire burning between them, she discovers more than a fiery heritage that defies modern logic. She discovers a man who would descend into the molten depths of the volcano to protect his island. And her…if she can find the strength to trust her heart to him.

Product Warnings

Hot, hot Hawaiian hero with volcanic passion on his mind. Better pack a heat-proof bikini for this island paradise.

And I should add, you may have an irresistable desire for a mai-tai! Thanks so much for stopping by. Leave a comment and I’ll enter you in a drawing to win a free copy of the ebook, to be awarded April 10.



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