Six Sentence Sunday…

Hey folks!
1.Step one…pick 6 sentences (and only six) from one of yours (a published piece, or a WIP).
2.Link back here. That’s it!

Here’s my entry this week…

Makimi selected several oils and had Marlene select the fragrance that she found most appealing. She rubbed it on her hands and gently pushed Marlene back into the table. She started on her shoulders and worked out towards her hands, and Marlene found herself soothed, her worries easing. She let the woman work, doing as instructed when asked to turn over, lift her head, etc. It was with a start some time later she found the robe had been removed and she was lying naked in front of the masseuse.


Tuesday’s Chat with Lynda Scott!

I’d like to welcome Lynda Scott here on the blog! Here’s her bio in case you don’t know her:

In her family of Kentucky‘ridge runners’, oral tales were a tradition that even the children participated in. She spent many nights with her brother, cousins and friends telling tall tales to excite the imagination. Now she creates award winning science fantasy romance filled with despair, hope, love and courage

Lynda, along with the talented and beautiful Linda Wisdom, have a new erotic paranormal short story series coming soon from Coliloquy – Great Escapes. First up is Great Escapes – Valentine’s Day, where a pair of erotically inclined ghosts bring two strangers together. Check my blogs, website, or other contact information for the details as they become available.

And just so you know, she’s GIVING AWAY a free copy of Altered Destiny to one lucky commenter! *make sure you fill in the email section so we can get ahold of you!* Here’s the interview!

1. Who was your first author crush and why?

Oh, that’s easy. I was 12 when I fell in love with Isaac Asimov. I’d been staying with my uncle’s family and he had this tattered paperback, The Mule and the Foundation. I started reading it and Bang, Bop, Boom! I became a Science Fiction lover. But…even though Asimov was one of the Grand Masters of Science Fiction, he wrote about people and that’s really what endeared him to me. I loved the imagination needed to create the far flung galactic empire with its political intrigues and problems but the story was developed on the back of three people; a newlywed couple and a skinny, almost pathetic character they rescued. That rescue propelled the story forward and led ultimately to the very satisfying ending. I’ve always been drawn to stories where the imagination is rampant but if there isn’t a real connection to the people of the story…then it’s a ‘no go’for me.

2. What was your first clue you were a writer? Was it a long journey or a short one? Have you always known?

Well, I started writing stories when I was probably about 6 years old. Granted, they weren’t ‘good’ stories, lol, and mostly involved animals that had very human-like wants and needs. They also included a lot of illustrations. I kept writing all through school. It was common for me to either have a book in my hand or a tablet of paper. I’d read the book but when I ran out of books, I’d‘write my own’. School trips almost always included the tablet and my scribbles. Frequently, if other students saw it, they’d want to act the story out (yeah, they were probably bored and needed a little distraction). I kept writing during odd moments through my jobs or college and through my marriage and the birth of my daughter. I did slow down while she was little because I firmly believe in participating with and enjoying every possible moment with your child. Since I had to work, those precious moments were limited and I wanted to make the most of them. As she grew older, my addiction to writing began creeping back in. She and I would both sit with our tablets and write (or draw). Eventually I started putting my stories on my computer and then started sending them out (I started as a Science Fiction short story writer) and then discovered the joy of getting them published. That was a real trip!

3. What are some of your writer-esque quirks (do you have to be in your pjs? always facing the door? Do people look at you after something funny happens and say ‘that’s going in a book, isn’t it?’)?

I need sound, either the TV or CD or radio while I write. If I’m lucky enough to find music that really reflects how I feel about a certain character or scene…well, that’s what I’ll play. It just really orients me and puts me deep into the writing. I haven’t had anyone ask if something funny was going into a scene but that might be because I’m muttering, oh man, I’ve got to write that down! My family and friends know I’m just a little on the weird side. Okay, maybe a lot but they still love me. I hope.

4. Finish this joke: A clown, a priest and a writer all get onto an elevator…

the clown falls over his size 15 feet and bangs his big red nose against the back wall. The Priest rushes to help him, but thinks the clown might be dying so begins last rites. The writer hits the emergency button, then flips open her camera phone to record the scene. But the battery is dead. She begins digging in her weekender-sized purse for a notebook so she can write the scene before anything changes. But there’s no notebook, so she starts writing on her forearm. Then the ink runs out of her pen! She quickly looks around, sees the blood on the wall, says ewww, no and pulls her $30 Passionate Red lipstick out to finish her notes. On her arm. On her dress. On her legs. When the rescue squad arrives, they see the writer covered in what appears to be bright red blood and whisk her out on a gurney. The moral is to always be prepared and carry several ink pens and lots of paper.

5. Speed round: Without giving it too much thought, pick which one you favour over the other:

Chocolate or flowers

Talk or Text

Mountains or Beach

Cowboy or Marine

Wine or Beer

Cats or Dogs

Ebooks or Paperbacks

Pantser or Plotter

Batman or Superman

Ability to fly or Power to be invisible

Prius or Hemmie

Follow the rules or Break the rules or Make My Own Rules

TV or Movies

NY or LA

Vampires or Angels

Fall or Spring

Neat or Messy

Werewolf or Genie

Tell jokes or Pull pranks

Home cooked meals or Go out to a restaurant

Okay, I guess that shows that I don’t follow directions all that well 😉 but, hey, how can you choose between a cat or a dog? If I chose cat, my elderly Zuzu would have her little heart broken, poor dear. But if I chose dog, well, my alien kitten Wookie, who is both muse and writing partner, would put her nose and tail up in the air and not speak to me for a couple of hours. Mmm, maybe I should pick….no, alien kittens can be vicious critters 😉
Great Escapes – Valentine’s Day
By Lynda K. Scott & Linda Wisdom
Coming Soon!
By Lynda K. Scott
Mundania Press
Science Fantasy Romance
Eric d’Ebrur is out of time. He must fine the legendary Heartstone and fulfill the ancient Gar’Ja bond he shares with the Stonebearer. But when he finds her, he discovers that love can be more dangerous than the Gawan threat. Eric can defeat the mind-controlling Gawan but will it cost him the woman he loves?
After terrifying episodes of hypersensitivity, Keriam Norton thinks she’s losing her mind. When handsome shapeshifter Eric d’Ebrur saves her from the monstrous Gawan, she’s sure of it. But insane or not, she’ll find the Heartstone and, if she’s lucky, a love to last a lifetime.
Available in print and ebook format
Buy Links: Mundania Press (use MP10 at checkout for 10% discount)
Altered Destiny
by Lynda K Scott
Science Fantasy Romance
Available in ebook formats
Stranded on an alternate Earth, architect and Jill-of-all-trades, Liane Gautier-MacGregor must find her way back to her homeworld before she’s enslaved…or falls in love with a man who is the exact duplicate of her ex-husband.
Devyn MacGregor’s alter ego as the Reiver Lord is the only way he can fight the Qui’arel and their nefarious Bride Bounty, a tax paid with human females…until he meets the oddly familiar woman who claims he is her husband. And who sets in motion the rebellion that will either free his countrymen or destroy them.
Buy Links:

Tuesday’s chat with Shannon Donnelly!

Hey everybody! Give a warm welcome to our latest guest, Shannon Donnelly!
1.      Who  was your first author crush and why? There are actually three—In junior high school, I was a total Ray Bradbury fan and my first story was actually something very much in his style (it would have fit wtihin The Martian Chronicles). My first fan letter was to Dorothy Gilman–I even sent her an oil painting I’d done because I so adored her book, The Tightrope Walker. And I utterly treasure my mother’s complete works of Georgette Heyer in the hardback editions that were put out in the early sixties—she’s someone I’d want to have over to dinner. They’re one of my prize possessions that came with me to New Mexico.
2.     What was your first clue you were a writer? Was it a long journey or a short one? Have you always known?  That’s a hard question since I’ve been writing stories forever. But my first love were horses—I knew I was going to be a riding instructor from any early age, and that’s just what I did. But it’s an even harder way to make money with horses than with writing. So I looked around for what else I liked to do, and writing seemed the obvious answer. It was just there. For me, however, it was an even longer path to publication and it’s only with ebooks that I’ve started to earn my living with my craft. This is one reason I feel like I can teach others in workshops—if there’s a mistake around, I’ve made it. I’m a writer and a story teller, but I’m not a natural.
3.     What are some of your writer-esque quirks (do you have to be in your pjs? always facing the door? Do people look at you after something funny happens and say ‘that’s going in a book, isn’t it?’)? I prefer to think of it as my writing ‘ritual.’ I want something hot to drink—tea or coffee. I’ll start off with a little editing of the work I’ve done the day before, or if I’m doing outlining, that’s handwritten into a notebook—you think differently away from the keyboard. And I like to play the same song over and over on the headphones until it’s background noise. As to using real life in books, I don’t tell folks if I’m doing that. And by the time the characters are done with things it becomes their story anyway.
4.     Finish this joke: A clown, a priest and a writer all get onto an elevator…The writer turns to the priest, jerks a thumb at the clown and says, “That’s funny.”
5.      Speed round: Without giving it too much thought, pick which one you favour over the other:  Chocolate, Talk, Beach, Cowboy (he comes with a horse), Wine, Dogs, eBooks (they’re handy, easier to read, and save trees), Plot to start then let it go and Fly by the Seat, Batman (gadgets, brains and money—what more do you need in a guy), Invisibility, Prius (I’ve owned two—love ‘em), Break the Rules (or bend ‘em, but only if you have the talent and craft to get away with it), TV, Aren’t they about the same (supernatural beings?), Fall, Messy (life and love are both messy processes), Genie (I have a djin in my “Burn Baby Burn” Urban Fantasy series that I’m working on), Tell Jokes, Home Cooking (I love to cook!).
Chocolate                    or         flowers
Talk                       or         Text
Mountains                   or         Beach
Cowboy                         or         Marine
Wine                                 or         Beer
Cats                             or         Dogs
Ebooks               or         Paperbacks
Pantser                                    or         Plotter
Batman               or         Superman
Ability to fly               or         Power to be invisible
Prius                                  or         Hemmie
Follow the rules          or         Break the rules
TV                           or         Movies
NY                              or         LA
Vampires                     or         Angels
Fall                         or         Spring
Neat                            or         Messy
Werewolf                    or         Genie
Tell jokes                    or         Pull pranks
Home cooked meals    or         Go out to a restaurant

Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s the skinny. Choose six sentences from your work in progress. Link back here. Come play along!

Here’s my entry from my the current Space Western I’m working on.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. He half wished she’d been upset with him for bringing her out into a wild place like this, not dancing under the starlight like some nymph or sprite. She’d let out a whoop and he’d near jumped out of his skin, thinking she’d run into a stand of tangleweed or a shellback had stung her. Worse, that the Shining Cats had come out of their holes a few hours early and come after her. A city dweller wouldn’t have lasted long against one of them without being prepared. He’d been up the hill before Winston could even grab his rifle.

Tuesday chat with Lilly Cain

Hi folks! I couldn’t be more pleased to introduce my latest guest, author Lilly Cain! I love her Confederacy series with Carina (the third one comes out later this month!) and she’s great to up-and-comers like my self to boot! So nice, in fact, she’s GIVING AWAY a copy of one of her latest release Return to Me, to one lucky commenter! Great or what? Here’s her bio…

Lilly Cain is an erotic romance author, published with Red Sage Publishing, Carina Press and independently. A mother of two, and a lover of coffee, vodka and chocolate, she writes stories of sizzling erotic romances where the lovers aren’t always human. Most recently she published her first indie short novella – Return To Me – a Celtic paranormal.
Lilly Cain
Return To Me – May 15, 2012 –

Without further ado…the interview!
1.      Who was your first author crush and why?
Mercedes Lackey, although it was a tough competition between her and Anne McAffrey. I loved their fantasy worlds – so well built yet so simple. I wanted to live there, flying with dragons or speaking to spirit horses. I still do.
2.      What was your first clue you were a writer? Was it a long journey or a short one? Have you always known?
I loved English class so much I wrote one of my sisters papers – way back when she was in Jr. High. She got an A, and was terribly embarrassed when her teacher wanted to enter it in a competition. I told her to go for it! From then on I wrote as many stories as possible.
3.      What are some of your writer-esque quirks (do you have to be in your pjs? always facing the door? Do people look at you after something funny happens and say ‘that’s going in a book, isn’t it?’)?
I’ve had a few people give me strange looks, but it’s usually after something I say, like – that would be a great way to dispose of a body. As for quirks, I like to write with my laptop on my lap, sitting in my big overstuffed brown chair, rather than at the very nice, large desk with its ergonomic chair just a few steps away.
4.      Finish this joke: A clown, a priest and a writer all get onto an elevator…
The elevator shuts down, halfway between floors, trapping them. The clown says “My God! Is that you, Father Cedric? Please pray to God and get us out of here!”
The Priest replies “Yes, my son, it’s me. But the Father must want you to have some time to think, and perhaps to talk with me about what’s happening in your life, or we wouldn’t be here.”
The clown sighs and sadly admits, “I’ve been a bad man, Father.  I’ve become a thief.” He begins to pull objects out of his clown outfit: a laptop, a giant chocolate bar and a dozen Starbucks cards, and finally a large bottle of vodka.
The Priest replies.  “You will have to take it all back to the rightful owners.” He turns to the writer who has been watching the whole thing. “Since there’s no privacy and you’ve heard this poor man’s confession, perhaps you would like to say something as well?”
“Well, I’ve just come up with a new way to hide two bodies while sitting in an elevator…”
5.      Speed round: Without giving it too much thought, pick which one you favour over the other: 
Chocolate                   or         flowers
Talk                        or         Text
Mountains                    or         Beach
Cowboy                        or         Marine
Wine                                  or         Beer
Cats                                    or         Dogs
Ebooks                or         Paperbacks
Pantser                          or         Plotter
Batman             or         Superman
Ability to fly                  or         Power to be invisible
Prius                                  or         Hemmie
Follow the rules            or         Break the rules
TV                           or         Movies
NY                         or         LA
Vampires                      or         Angels
Fall                         or         Spring
Neat                             or         Messy
Werewolf                     or         Genie
Tell jokes                     or         Pull pranks
Home cooked meals     or         Go out to a restaurant