Tuesday Chat with Taryn

Hey and welcome to another edition of Tuesday Chats! Today we have J. Paulette Forshey with us! Tell us a little about yourself, Paulette.
J. Paulette Forshey, a ward winning author, lives in a small Ohio town with her husband, a Basset Hound, and a Jack Russell who thinks she owns the place. Her mornings belong to her writing, her days are spent loving her five grandbabies, and her nights belong to her husband, the inspiration for her heroes. Paulette writes paranormal, fantasy, contemporary. She writes erotica under the name of Genevieve Delacroix. At present she’s published with Whispers Publishing, Every Night Erotica, and Smashwords.
“The Estate” release date July 13, 2012, from Whispers Publishing
You can find her at: http://www.jpauletteforshey.com
Twitter @ForsheyJ
1    1.. Who was your first author crush and why?
    Elaine Bergstrom – she answered my first and only letter to an author – later we became friends and still are today.
2.2. What was your first clue you were a writer? Was it a long journey or a short one? Have you always known?
     A long one, I started in the early 1990s, with some unpaid but published poetry and short stories. Received my first contract in 2010, for “The Tarczal Alliance”. When I start telling a tale people lined up to hear the entire story.
    3. What are some of your writer-esque quirks (do you have to be in your pjs? always facing the door? Do people look at you after something funny happens and say ‘that’s going in a book, isn’t it?’)?
     Back against the wall. Sweats, roomy T-shirt, over-size red sweater-coat, and knitted purple slippers my mother made me before she died. I love to write at my kitchen table, great light, the frig is near, and I can keep an eye on my family. People don’t even have to ask if it’s going into a book they all ready know.
     4. Finish this joke: A clown, a priest and a writer all get onto an elevator… (sorry drawing a blank on this)
     5.      Speed round: Without giving it too much thought, pick which one you favour over the other:
Power to be invisible
Follow the rules
Tell jokes
Home cooked meals

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