Tuesday with Selena Robins

Hey folks! Another Samhain author has been gracious enough to drop by! Please join me in welcoming Selena Robins!

Genre-defying witty, humorous, suspenseful, romantic and s.exy–words used to describe Selena’s novels. A self-professed foodie and chocolate guru, Selena loves to dance with her dog, sing into her hairbrush and write in her PJs. In love with her family, friends, books, laughter, hockey, lively discussion and red wine (sometimes all at the same time). Selena is a dragon slayer who enjoys reading and writing sassy heroines and hot heroes (the ones your mamma warned you about, but secretly wished she’d dated a few in her life)

Book – WHAT A GIRL WANTS, Contemporary, Romantic Comedy with a splash of mystery published by Samhain Publishing
Soon to be released on Amazon for Free: Tempted by Angel (Romantic Comedy Short Story)


Without further ado…the interview!

1.         Who was your first author crush and why?

There are many of authors that have had a positive impact on me as a reader and writer that had me thinking at a young age, “I want to do that!”

To name a few; Lucy Maud Montgomery, Jane Austin, Harper Lee, Joy Fielding, Mario Puzo, Dr. Seuss, and William Shakespeare. Yes, I was a Shakespeare Geek throughout high school. I loved the wit, humor, plots and even enjoyed the sonnets. It helped that I had a couple of fantastic English teachers who made studying Shakespeare a lot of fun.

2.                  What was your first clue you were a writer? Was it a long journey or a short one? Have you always known?

In the eighth grade I entered a writing contest sponsored by the Humane Society. I wrote a story about two race horses, the Philly won the race and the stud. I guess that foreshadowed my romance writing career. I won the contest and I remember my teacher at the time, encouraging me to follow this path. I never stopped to analyze how or why I enjoyed writing stories, I just knew that it felt right, because math and science certainly didn’t feel right.

All through high school I was involved with the school paper and I also had a lucrative side writing business. I used to charge $5.00 a pop to write essays for students who didn’t like creative writing. (I got busted because the teachers recognized my style and voice, and they figured out that so many students couldn’t possibly be acing the assignments. My business was shut down with the added bonus of a few weeks of detention.) I like to call those my bad-ass days J.

3.         What are some of your writer-esque quirks (do you have to be in your pjs? always facing the door? Do people look at you after something funny happens and say ‘that’s going in a book, isn’t it?’)?

I’m not aware of any writing quirks. I do like to listen to music at times when writing, at other times, I like complete silence.

I’ve had people wonder if something they did or said will show up in a book. Usually though, it’s something I’ve done or said that my husband will suggest, “Honey, I think you need to work that into one of your books.” He insists I should be recording a lot of my comebacks or when I talk out loud or when I get lost in my own city, or a few other little mishaps that have happened to me. As of yet, everything that has happened to my characters comes from my imagination. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. J

4.         Finish this joke: A clown, a priest and a writer all get onto an elevator…

I can write comedic dialogue for my characters with no problem, however jokes are a whole different animal. I usually screw up the punch lines to jokes. I tried to complete the sentence you gave me, but I really couldn’t come up with anything—especially since I don’t like clowns, priests remind me of nuns, which in turn bring back memories sitting in Mother Superior’s office (hey, saran wrapping the toilets was just an idea I happened to mention, not my fault a bunch of gals decided to execute it) and I’m claustrophobic. I’d rather take the stairs than get into an elevator. I couldn’t come up with an appropriate ending to the start of your joke. Sorry.
*LOL! I never in my wildest dreams imagined this would be so difficult for everyone! I swear!*

5.         Speed round: Without giving it too much thought, pick which one you favour over the other:







Books – (LOL I can’t choose. I read both ebooks and paperbacks.)



Ability to fly


Make the rules. (Oh, that’s not an option? Okay then, Follow the rules (cough cough)







Pull Pranks

Home cooked Meals

Thanks Selena! You were great!

You can contact Selena at…

14 thoughts on “Tuesday with Selena Robins

  1. Taryn, thanks again for hosting me today. I thought about the clown, priest, and writer joke.

    I came up with something like this.

    They walked into the elevator and the Priest asked the writer, “Going down?”

    The writer said, “No way! I didn't write 50 Shades.”

    I KNOW, LAME! LOL Told you, I couldn't write a joke.


  2. Thanks, Nancy, but I didn't involve the clown. Still thinking about that one.

    How about, Clown says, “I'm getting the Hell out of this elevator. There's a volkswagon waiting for me with my friends stuffed in it.”



  3. Selena…I suspected you were a little badass, but as badass as selling papers to other students??? Girl, I have a new-found respect for you! Congrats on your success and wonderful book!


  4. Great blog. I really enjoyed the interview. Tempting An Angel sounds great. I learned to block out everything which really bothers my hubby. He say he was trying to get my attention for 10 minutes. Tee Hee! Keep writing so I can keep reading.


  5. Thanks again for hosting me, Taryn. I sort of finished the joke in the comments here, just have no idea where to put the clown.

    He could take the stairs, because I'm NOT getting in an elevator with no creepy clown. LOL


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