Tea and Honey…

I realize that I’ve been absent from here for a while. I went away to a writers’ retreat for a weekend (Oct 19-21st in fact). When I came back, I walked into the house and found out a family member had died. I hadn’t gotten to say goodbye. Then I went to the doctor for the results of some tests and found out I was anemic and prediabetic. On top of everything else, I caught the Nanocold early. I’ve been existing on tea and honey, the occasional corn dog on a stick and apples. NOT the diet of champions given where I’m at, biologically. And I have to go for more tests. Yay, not. So when I’m not sleeping or typing my nano, I’m trying to play catch up with everything in my life.

All this is background to the following. I am sorry I haven’t been here. I will be returning next week. Thank you all, and see you then 🙂

*see, I hate excuses. I should have just gone with the apology, but I wanted everyone to know I wasn’t ignorning them on purpose, I respect you guys too much*