Whatever works Wednesdays

So here is today’s sanity saving tip for writers.  Buy a kitchen timer. Seriously. Go to the Dollar store or Wal-Mart. Get a cheap one, a fancy one, one that sings your favourite song when it’s done or one that makes you want to toss it across the room *hint: buy multiple of the room-toss ones…just saying*.

Why? For those days you hate writing. There will be some. Set the timer and stay in the seat long enough to type just a few words. When the timer goes off, you can go get a cup of tea. Then sit down and set the timer again, and work. Next bell, go to the bathroom. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  In this way you put in your butt-in-chair time. Trust me, one of the dings, you’ll be so caught up in your writing that you won’t want to stop.

Eventually you’re gonna reach your daily quota. You’re gonna train yourself to sit in the chair for longer and longer times. And while you’re doing this, you are writing.

Monday’s Mad Minute

Would you rather…

Get a dream vacation for two people             or            spend five days with any and everyone in the
                                                                                        world, but in your home town.

I guess I’d rather get a dream vacation for two. Not because I’m dating someone, but because most of my family and friends are here. A break from here might be nice for a while. Change is as good as a rest, my Dad always says. And I could get my best friend away from her scene for a while and just hang out. We haven’t seen each other in almost two years. I kinda miss the face-to-face, ya know?

What about you guys?

Whatever works Wednesdays

Quickie Soup Recipe…

Okay, I’m no chef. But I still have to contribute to the daily meal plan, right? So soups are a fav of mine because they’re hard(er) to screw up. This one is a pleaser all the way around.

Hamburger Soup

1 pound hamburger
1/2 small onion, chopped
2 carrots, chopped
1 potato, diced
1 (500ml) can of Crushed Tomatoes
2 beef bouillon cubes
4 cups of hot water
salt to taste
pepper to taste
* I also add peas and corn to mine, but this is a bare bones recipe*

Brown hamburger, drain. Add to pot with onions, carrots, potato, salt and pepper. Saute veggies and meat for 2-3 min. Add hot water and bouillon (I mix the bouillon and water first, then add). Stir well. Add crushed tomatoes and bring to simmer until root veggies are tender (30-45 min depending on your stove and temp). Stir often. Voila!

Mad Minute Monday

Would you rather…

visit the world 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future?

Damn, this is a hard one. I guess I’d love to see what the world was like in 1913, what with being a history buff and WWI and all. But really, I’d love to peek into the future. See what new contraptions there are (hello holo-deck anyone? Imagine reading a book like that!), what they thought of the 2013, who they thought was the most influencial politician was or how they sorted out the American Tea party mess. Paparazzi still around? What about celebrities? Have we totally spoiled the Earth and are living in domes or did we get our act together as a species by then? Are there mutants? Have we made contact with Alien life forms? Get rid of money?

What about you?

Whatever works Wednesday

On Wednesday, I want to start giving a few tips on everything from household cleaning to writing techniques. Today’s topic…how to get your writing desk organized.
1. Clear everything off your desk. Give it a wipe with a damp cloth that’s been dipped in a 9parts water 1 part vinegar mixture.
2.Go through everything that was on your desk and sort it into three piles: Important (needs to go back on desk), File it (or put it up on a shelf away from everything), Dump it.
3. DUMP/RECYCLE/GET RID of everything in the Dump it pile. This is the step that most people might skip.
4. Get a comfy chair. This is important for writers. If you have a lap top, invest in one of these. Trust me, you neck and back will thank you, as will your wrists once you get used to it.
5.Keep your reference materials close by as well as a note pad so you can make notes as you go. Don’t forget that mug of pens and pencils (this is a good time to go through them and make sure they all work).


Mad Minute Monday

So in an effort to get things going again on this blog, I’m going to do a version of the speed round in my interview questions, except I’ll answer. Unless I can get someone to come over and answer for me:)
win a million dollars in lottery                              or          never have to pay for anything ever again?
Win a million, people to take care of you know
fly all over the world with your favorite celebrity or       be marooned with the one you love
I’m not in love right now so…
become a popular celebrity whom everyone hates or      be a normal person whom everyone loves?
                                                                                           normal and loved…one word…Kardashians
go about your normal day naked                            or have smelly breath and body odor for the day?
…breath and bo…
Get noticed by hottest chick (or guy) at a party     or have rock-hard abs?
been noticed, it was never in a good way so I”ll take the abs
be bitten by a radioactive spider                             or a vampire?
…I hate spiders but do I have to become a vampire or die? Nah, still vamp for me.
kiss a jellyfish                                                         or step on a crab?
…done both, the crab hurt less…
have a beautiful house and an ugly car                  or an ugly house and a beautiful car?
…beautiful house. cars cost less to fix
be invisible                                                            or be able to read minds?
…able to read minds, I was invisible in high school
save a damsel in distress                                       or take a pot full of gold?
…well, if you always save her, she’ll never learn will she? I’ll take the gold
wake up with a different face with the same gender or a different gender with the same face?

…umm different gender? I like my face.

What about you guys?