Whatever works Wednesday

On Wednesday, I want to start giving a few tips on everything from household cleaning to writing techniques. Today’s topic…how to get your writing desk organized.
1. Clear everything off your desk. Give it a wipe with a damp cloth that’s been dipped in a 9parts water 1 part vinegar mixture.
2.Go through everything that was on your desk and sort it into three piles: Important (needs to go back on desk), File it (or put it up on a shelf away from everything), Dump it.
3. DUMP/RECYCLE/GET RID of everything in the Dump it pile. This is the step that most people might skip.
4. Get a comfy chair. This is important for writers. If you have a lap top, invest in one of these. Trust me, you neck and back will thank you, as will your wrists once you get used to it.
5.Keep your reference materials close by as well as a note pad so you can make notes as you go. Don’t forget that mug of pens and pencils (this is a good time to go through them and make sure they all work).


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