Monday’s Mad Minute

Would you rather…

Get a dream vacation for two people             or            spend five days with any and everyone in the
                                                                                        world, but in your home town.

I guess I’d rather get a dream vacation for two. Not because I’m dating someone, but because most of my family and friends are here. A break from here might be nice for a while. Change is as good as a rest, my Dad always says. And I could get my best friend away from her scene for a while and just hang out. We haven’t seen each other in almost two years. I kinda miss the face-to-face, ya know?

What about you guys?

2 thoughts on “Monday’s Mad Minute

  1. I miss my best friend, too. We live about two hours away and I'm tired of emails, texts and phone calls.

    Actually, I'm being single mom this week with the hubs on business trip. Its the one week of the year that I have to myself without his around. Still have to get up and be a mom but since the kid is in school now, I still have most of the day to myself.




  2. Harley, hope you're having a restful week. My friend is two time zones away from me. We have a two hour difference in phone call times and keep screwing it up. I'd love a day 'just for the girls'. Hope you and your friend get one soon…


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