Manic Monday

Here’s a quickie post, the rules are simple. If you answer this post on your own blog, leave a link in the comments so I can check yours out too! Or just answer in the comments section.
Would you Rather…
Be in a Broken Elevator  
Be on a Broken Ski Lift
Okay, let’s look at this logically for a minute. As a ‘big’ girl, you would think that being suspended on a ski lift, high above the snow and out in the freezing temperatures with no shelter from anything while waiting with maybe one other person whom I may or may not like would be my worst fear. And yeah, given my balance and generally lack of grace when performing feats requiring skill or finesse or, you know, movement, it’s up there on my things-to-avoid list.
But I can see what’s going on. This is big for me. Not being able to see what’s going on outside of that box of an elevator? Trapped in a stuffy, no-air, could-free-fall-to-horrible-death-at-any-moment metal container? Yeah, that would be worse for me. So I’d have to go with being stuck on a ski lift. And hey, there’s always a chance that I could get stuck with someone really cute. I guess that chance exists in the elevator scenario, but left in there long enough we’d all be stinky and not at our best. So I’d vote for a broken ski lift.
What about you?

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