A-Z Challenge…D

We all feel it at least once in our lives. The fear of it. The exhilaration from it.

The Dark Crystal was one of my fav movies as a kid. I loved that it scared the hell out of me even then, but I also loved (and got) the play between light and dark, good and evil, and how we all have the seeds of both inside of us.

Free Write:
Some people fear the dark, but only the one without. That’s pure foolishness. Hunters are born in the dark, grow strong in the dark, and draw power out of the dark. But it’s whether or not they can control the dark within that lets them live past their initial mastery of their skill. Excess gets everyone, good or bad. And then the Hunter feeds the dark, not the other way around.

Character Names
Female                                                                       Male
Da Xia – endless summer                                          Dewei – highly principaled
Dominique – of the Lord                                           Declan – goodness
Dena – avenged                                                         Demetrius – gift from Demeter               
Donica – gift                                                             Daksha – Brilliant
Drucilla – Strong                                                       Digby – from the dike settlement

2 thoughts on “A-Z Challenge…D

  1. Sadly, I have never seen this movie. Thanks for the suggestion. I am definitely afraid of the dark … and when I read a Stephen King book, I will sleep with the lights on!!


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