A-Z challenge E is for

E is for… EMPATH

I know, I’m supposed to be introducing you to words you might not already know, but I have to slip in the occasional snippet of somethin-somethin that I find fascinating too. See all my previous entries about superheroes.

I always thought the telepaths had it easy in a story. They kind of bore me. I mean, where’s the fun if you can tell exactly what a person is saying inside their heads? And also, who talks all the time in their heads? I usually feel something first, then think about it. And I don’t always use words. Pictures, music, memories, scents, sensations, FEELINGS are sorted through the queue as well.

But an empath? They can get the whole she-bang! Maybe not the words, but they can tell your emotional temperature from a mile away. Much more useful if you want to, say, flush out the liar in the group. They would feel deceptive, right? And who needs to misinterpret signals when you can tell what the person is feeling/meant in a relationship? Also, jerks out for the quickie would be unable to hide from your wrath…

Think of various characters when you watch the video below. Anyone you’re writing about?

Character Names:
Female                                                                                     Male
Echo – Sound returned, Nymph who pined away                   Egan – a little flame
Eleana – form of Helen, “the shining one”                              Ephraim – One who is productive
Ellery – form of Hilary, cheerful woman/bringer of joy         Errol – wandering
Eris – goddess of discord                                                         Edik – form of Edward, rich guardian
Everilde- A great huntress                                                       Egor – form of George, farmer

One thought on “A-Z challenge E is for

  1. I have always thought the same! Way too easy if you could concentrate and just slip into someones actual thoughts…but to have to discern not only whether it's a passing fancy/actual intent/or even if you are “feeling” the right person! Smack on target!


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