G is for…


As a writer, one of the coolest things I get to do is learn all sorts of really fascinating things about my characters. The hard thing about being a writer is letting the reader learn them bit by bit, not info dump on them. The readers need to glean the information from the text.

Take Sherlock. He’s going to go through all the clues and not share what he finds with Jon Watson. Poor guy. But he does share them with us, we just don’t add them up like he does. I love trying to get to the end result before the episode does. I try to glean the information the same way he does.

Trying to hold back the information in my writing is much more difficult. Is this too much or not enough? How do I guide the readers to this conclusion and not that one? Am I holding back enough or is this an info dump? These are the questions that plague a writer when creating.

So how do we do it? You won’t like the answer. Practice. Reading how other writers do it and seeing what can be applied in your own work. Getting feedback. Basically all the stuff that makes you better if keep at your craft.

Character Names
Female                                                                          Male
Ghita – Pearl                                                                Garrick – from a place covered by oaks
Ghislaine – Pledge                                                       Gage – Measurer
Gryphon – mythological beast                                     Gavyn – white hawk
Gwendolyn – blessed ring                                            Gideon – great warrior
Gypsy – Bohemian traveller                                        Gunner – warrior

3 thoughts on “G is for…

  1. I love trying to figure out who-done-its before everyone else. Most of the time I am pretty good with it and it infuriates those I'm with; they usually think, “She won't figure this one out.” 😀 I was stumped by Knight Moves years and years ago but my mother figured out who it was. I asked her how she figured it out and she said it is often the character you see for just a moment and you think is insignificant. They use it a lot in movies. Love your character information and names!


  2. Yes the balance of how much to share vs how much to hold back — I definitely walk that fine line with my political intrigue story lines (and I never suspected I would ever be writing such a thing!)

    Great word for Day 7.


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