J is for

Just Dance.

I need a little bit of happy in my life right now, so this is it. I like this video game. I can’t play games like my brother or father. Too many buttons on the controller make me very confused (yes, I’m aware of how dorky that sounds, but I’m being honest here).

But this one is relatively easy. And funny. At least when I do it. I cannot dance well and this is done in the privacy of my home where I won’t be mocked too badly for my lack of coordination. Although my cat gives me funny looks and tries to catch the cord on my wrist upon occasion.

Character Names
Female                                                                         Male
Jacinta – form of Hyacinth                                          Jago – supplanter
Javiera -owner of a new home                                    Julio – youthful
Juana – gracious God                                                  Julian – youthful
Jocelyn – happy                                                           Jerome – sacred
Jade – a jewel                                                              Jasper – treasurer

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