Q is for…


When writing, the quiet of pre-dawn before everyone else is up or late at night when everyone else had gone to bed is my best time for working. I hear all the character’s voices easier, I’m not half listening for the dryer to stop of a voice to yell for my help. Quiet is soothing too.

It’s also very rare. I love the quiet but I can’t always seem to get it. What do I do when I can’t get it?

1. Soundtracks. Scores to be specific. When I need inspiration or help catching the mood of a scene while other people are around me, I listen to scores. They’re Tony-tiger-great!

2. White noise. http://simplynoise.com/ has a great online station that lets you customize your white noise somewhat to what works best for you. I also downloaded rain on a tin roof from iTunes and that helps too.

3. Headphones. Not little ones, I’m talking the padded ones like you wore when you were in school. My brother is in the business and knows what headphones would be sound cancelling. Guess what I got for Christmas? But they muffle sounds when worn without being plugged in too.

So how about you?

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