X is for…


That’s right, you heard me say it. Xanadu that lovely little cult flop of ONJ’s that had roller skating and Greek muses. Need a preview?

Is it cheesy?

Hell yes. I saw it on TV when I was younger (in the 80s, folks, so VERY young) and loved it. ONJ sings one of my fav songs of hers, as you can listen to here…

So am I nuts? Yes, well, I already knew that, actually. But I loved this movie because of two words.

Dreams and Fun. It was just fun, cute, love story. And that was OK! And the main character was encouraged to DREAM damn it! He had a muse come to him for inspiration!

Anyway, that’s my X contribution to A-Z. And I’m not ashamed to admit it.

2 thoughts on “X is for…

  1. I watched this movie when I was quite young too. I watched it because I was obsessed with Grease. Xanadu was a bit too weird for me at the time, but perhaps someday I'll give it another try. 🙂


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