Dear Interweb…I am still here

So, before everyone shouts and wags their fingers at me, I already know I’ve been absent a fair bit.

1. Cancer scares abounded. Still don’t know what exactly is wrong with a certain part of my anatomy, so I have to go for more tests, but we’ve eliminated cancer.

2. I had a birthday and it was ugly. My cousin’s wedding was on the day. Lovely ceremony. Hottest day and it was an outdoor wedding at 4pm. That’s when it gets the hottest around here folks. I know I like romance and all but I hate weddings. I’m horrible at weddings. I can only supress my evil side for so long at a wedding and then I have to leave. Because I want to continue to be a participating member of the human race, after all. And I was sweating buckets under my skirt. Not nice.

3. I got a new phone. I know, that doesn’t mean I can ignore my computer, but I take a long time figuring out technology. And I was fighting getting a new phone for so long.


Now, please excuse me, I have to get back to my writer’s block.

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