What I have learned from walking 101 days

1. Every little bit does help.

2. Stretching is more important AFTER than before if you are large (not sure if this is universal). 
3. If people stare either turn your head and let them look their fill or meet their eyes and smile (for some reason this really pisses them off). 
4. Not everyday will be a slog. But some of them are. Keep going. 
5. Not everyday will be easy. But sometimes they are. Enjoy them when they come. 
6. Start where you are at. Not where you think you should start. 
7. Some days you need to be gentle with yourself. It’s more important to get out here than to challenge yourself. 
8. Challenge yourself a little bit as often as you can. 
9. Drink lots of water often. 
10. Today’s end point will eventually be a place you pass and you say to yourself ‘hey I used to have to turn around here and now it’s not enough’. This is what is known as a WIN. A VICTORY. ENJOY IT. 

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