Snow and rain

I have to admit, a part of me loves the storms. Rainstorms are drowsy days for reading. Snowstorms are for candles and snuggling under warm blankets while we tell stories and laugh. Thunder and lightning flashing mean card or board games. Power outages always are accompanied by hot chocolate and ‘storm chips’. I know there’s a storm coming and I’ve made up the preparations, but part of me is excited. Silly?

The Fundy Bay series

The title for the first in the series is titled High Tide at Harvest Moon. I am so excited about the cover design, which isn’t quite ready yet. I did put up a tidbit on my website, the book description is on my books pages, so pop over and tell me what you think!  The book is with my editor right now, getting a final polish.  I am so excited for you to meet my Fundy Bay boys (and girls!).