Would you rather…

Here’s a quickie post, the rules are simple. If you answer this post on your own blog, leave a link in the comments so I can check yours out too! Or just answer in the comments section
Would you rather… Thor
Now don’t get me wrong. I’m a Ryan Reynolds supporter if for no other reason than he is a wonderful Canadian export. But the God of THUNDER? Really? Is there any comparison to be had here?
Well, Thor’s a bit of a stick in the mud sometimes, and the Green Lantern can manifest things with just his thoughts…his dirty, dirty thoughts. Okay, there are merits of both. So…can I have both?
Who would you choose?

I owe you guys…

I am feeling a bit burned out. I know, I shouldn’t given the fact that I work from home most days, but I do. So blogging falls by the wayside. But I feel like I should be finding something for you guys to smile. So here’s one for you. Would you rather…

Captain Mal or do you prefer….

Richard Castle?

Manic Monday

I was tagged by the lovely and talented Shawna Romkey to talk about my five favourite books. So here I go.
Firstly, it’s about a writer. Secondly, it’s Canadian. I loved the Diviners, mostly because I loved Morag, who finds a way to live her own life no matter what.
This is one of those books that you always look back on and say ‘it changed my life’, which it did. I was in sixth grade and discovered Harry. A girl who got to wield a sword and save the day. Was this even possible? Safe to say this is where I developed my love of a good strong heroine.
I fell in love with fantasy and this series in 8th grade. I devoured them as fast as I could get them, then reread the books so often every year I had to buy new copies every so often. Lessa, another strong willed female character, was my hero.
This is one of those books that you have to read for class, and then you take it home and reread it because it just reaches you. I won’t say I loved it, but it affected me, scratched itself into my memory like initials on a tree.
I had to narrow down my current favourite genre of paranormal/urban fantasy to one author? How about PatriciaBriggs-LaurellkHamilton-LilithSaintcrow-TaylorKeating-NaliniSingh?
Okay, okay. If I have to pick my current favourite, it’s gonna be this book. Elena (besides having the same name as my Godsister, who rocks btw) is kickass, take no prisoners, small and mighty kinda gal. I’m noticing a trend. Hmmm.
So what are your five fav books?

Belated Would you rather…

Here’s a quickie post, the rules are simple. If you answer this post on your own blog, leave a link in the comments so I can check yours out too! Or just answer in the comments section.
Would you rather…
Date Han Solo         or       Luke Skywalker?
Oh dear lordy, how do I explain this? Luke Skywalker was my first crush. It’s true, I loved his blue eyes, his heroic stance and even the whiny debate of his call-to-adventure. Not to mention he was a kick-ass pilot and a wounded soul. I was a sucker for a wounded soul when I was younger. By the time Jedi rolled around, he was my I-T it dreamboat guy. Plus…the guy could move things with his mind. Hello?
Then I passed fifth grade.
And entered the world of Han Solo. Also wounded, but sardonic, sarcastic, and sexy as hell. He knew it too. Experience a plus, knew how to handle a weapon, had a sidekick and always had that little gleam in the corner of his eye. He eventually did the right thing, not because it was his duty or he wanted the money or glory, but because it was the right thing. He knew his name was never going to be up in lights and that suited him just fine. I STILL find that sexy as hell. A hero who just does what needs to be done (Jack Bauer anyone?) and sometimes finds himself on the wrong side of the law (Captain Malcom Reynolds, Mr. I-Aim-To-Misbehave himself!).
So I guess, Han Solo since I’ve ‘grown up’. What about you?