Whatever Works Wednesdays

Ahh, was there ever a more noble device invented than the slow cooker? Here’s one of my favs to toss in before heading out to work.
Easy Beef Stroganoff
1 pound of cubed stew beef (thawed)
2 cans of cream of mushroom soup
1 pkg of Onion Soup mix
egg noodles
Put meat, mushroom soup and onion soup mix in the slow cooker before you leave for work in the am on low (8-9 hours cook time). When you’re ready for dinner, boil the noodles, put on plate and pour stroganoff over them. Voila!

Whatever works Wednesdays

So here is today’s sanity saving tip for writers.  Buy a kitchen timer. Seriously. Go to the Dollar store or Wal-Mart. Get a cheap one, a fancy one, one that sings your favourite song when it’s done or one that makes you want to toss it across the room *hint: buy multiple of the room-toss ones…just saying*.

Why? For those days you hate writing. There will be some. Set the timer and stay in the seat long enough to type just a few words. When the timer goes off, you can go get a cup of tea. Then sit down and set the timer again, and work. Next bell, go to the bathroom. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.  In this way you put in your butt-in-chair time. Trust me, one of the dings, you’ll be so caught up in your writing that you won’t want to stop.

Eventually you’re gonna reach your daily quota. You’re gonna train yourself to sit in the chair for longer and longer times. And while you’re doing this, you are writing.