Damn it! Another series!

My father and I have this running joke. Christmas time I buy him a couple o books, hoping to find a couple of single titles. The only problem is, Dad only reads fantasy. The occasional sci-fi but mostly fantasy. Try to find single title fantasy now a days. I dare you.  Then come back here and post the titles for me. PLEASE? Anyway, inevitably I find a series starter for him. He’ll come out of his den halfway through the holidays and glare at me. Muttering. I always ask what’s wrong and he always slams the completed book down on the kitchen table. ‘Another  damn series’ he complains. So I trudge over to the bookstore or library to get him any available books. Sign up for pre-orders if there aren’t any. Which of course is too much fuss over him and ‘not worth it’. Silly man, doesn’t he know I’d cross the Desert of Broken Glass for him?  

So anyway. Dad got me good. Our neighbourhood had a massive garage sale recently. Dad went walkabout and came back with what he calls ‘one o them girl-fighter, vampire-funny books’ (paranormal) he thought I might like.  I should have known by the grin. It was the first in a series. 
Damn it. 
And yes, I went out and bought the rest in the series. What’s the book? Darkfever by Karen Marie Moning. 
Good one Dad. See you next week. 

Guardians of the Galaxy

It is a birthday tradition for my brother and I to go see a movie together. There wasn’t anything we wanted to see in July so we waited for Guardians. I must confess, I did not know anything about these Marvel characters. I found I liked that.
I really enjoyed Star Lord/Peter Quill’s character. He’s not perfect at his job but has messed up enough times to know what to expect and smart enough to bring along tools to adapt. He’s not overly clownish either. And there is a kick-ass female character( Gamora), Bradley Cooper is fantastic as the anger management-rejected Rocket, and I was so taken with Drax’s character I completely missed Nathan Fillion’s cameo. About halfway through the movie I had totally forgotten the comic book origins or trying glean any info on the Avengers new flick. I was caught up in the story. Well played Marvel. Well done. 

J is for

Just Dance.

I need a little bit of happy in my life right now, so this is it. I like this video game. I can’t play games like my brother or father. Too many buttons on the controller make me very confused (yes, I’m aware of how dorky that sounds, but I’m being honest here).

But this one is relatively easy. And funny. At least when I do it. I cannot dance well and this is done in the privacy of my home where I won’t be mocked too badly for my lack of coordination. Although my cat gives me funny looks and tries to catch the cord on my wrist upon occasion.

Character Names
Female                                                                         Male
Jacinta – form of Hyacinth                                          Jago – supplanter
Javiera -owner of a new home                                    Julio – youthful
Juana – gracious God                                                  Julian – youthful
Jocelyn – happy                                                           Jerome – sacred
Jade – a jewel                                                              Jasper – treasurer

I is for…


I am angry. This girl deserved better.

Not sure what I’m talking about? Read this and tell me you don’t feel righteous anger at what she endured. The video reminded me of one of my own family members. Sorry. No uplifting messages today. I’m too angry. Too heartweary.

To any and all rape survivors out there, it was not your fault. It is not okay for them to torture you after the fact. Please don’t leave us. I’m still too angry to write about this properly. See you tomorrow.

H is for…


Merriam-Webster defines Havoc as “wide and general destruction: Devastation 2) great confusion and disorder “

But I also like the character of Havoc.

The younger brother of Scott Summers in the comics, Havoc is one of the x-men I know the least about. I know I love his name. I also love the movie above. I think this guy is the wounded hero in the film. He’s got a history that I’d love to dig into. I hope they do that in the next one. But what about Scott Summers?

 Let’s play a would you rather… so which brother would you rather? The eyes or the chest? The blond or the brunette? The wild child or the guy with control issues? Havoc or Cyclops?

Personally? I’d go for Havoc. Not in a creepy she’s-a-cougar kinda way. He’d have to be around my age before I’d go out with him. At least late twenties. But as far as the two brothers? Give me a wounded hero any day. I’m not so great with guys who have control issues, like Cyclops. He’d be way too controlling for me. But Havoc? Hell yeah.

Character Names
Unisex names
Haldis – Stone Spirit
Henley – high field
Hadar – Splendor or Glory
Harlow – from the mound of the people
and my favourite of all time
Haven – safe place

G is for…


As a writer, one of the coolest things I get to do is learn all sorts of really fascinating things about my characters. The hard thing about being a writer is letting the reader learn them bit by bit, not info dump on them. The readers need to glean the information from the text.

Take Sherlock. He’s going to go through all the clues and not share what he finds with Jon Watson. Poor guy. But he does share them with us, we just don’t add them up like he does. I love trying to get to the end result before the episode does. I try to glean the information the same way he does.

Trying to hold back the information in my writing is much more difficult. Is this too much or not enough? How do I guide the readers to this conclusion and not that one? Am I holding back enough or is this an info dump? These are the questions that plague a writer when creating.

So how do we do it? You won’t like the answer. Practice. Reading how other writers do it and seeing what can be applied in your own work. Getting feedback. Basically all the stuff that makes you better if keep at your craft.

Character Names
Female                                                                          Male
Ghita – Pearl                                                                Garrick – from a place covered by oaks
Ghislaine – Pledge                                                       Gage – Measurer
Gryphon – mythological beast                                     Gavyn – white hawk
Gwendolyn – blessed ring                                            Gideon – great warrior
Gypsy – Bohemian traveller                                        Gunner – warrior

F is for…

Wait for it…


This is a Grandma word, a word that I love.  Fracas is a close second. But they both mean the same thing.  A fight! Who will win, will the hero master the new skill or will the heroine bite off more than she can chew? A good fight in my story is almost as satisfying to write as my sex scenes. There is lots of action that I can use to demonstrate a character’s quirks, intelligence and emotions. So do you have a place in your WIP for fisticuffs?

Character Names
Fallon – of a ruling family
Finley – fair warriors
Farren – Iron gray
Flynn – descendant of the red haired man
Falcon – bird in the hawk family

*today’s entries are technically unisex names, both sexes sport ’em with equal grace…or not*

A-Z challenge E is for

E is for… EMPATH

I know, I’m supposed to be introducing you to words you might not already know, but I have to slip in the occasional snippet of somethin-somethin that I find fascinating too. See all my previous entries about superheroes.

I always thought the telepaths had it easy in a story. They kind of bore me. I mean, where’s the fun if you can tell exactly what a person is saying inside their heads? And also, who talks all the time in their heads? I usually feel something first, then think about it. And I don’t always use words. Pictures, music, memories, scents, sensations, FEELINGS are sorted through the queue as well.

But an empath? They can get the whole she-bang! Maybe not the words, but they can tell your emotional temperature from a mile away. Much more useful if you want to, say, flush out the liar in the group. They would feel deceptive, right? And who needs to misinterpret signals when you can tell what the person is feeling/meant in a relationship? Also, jerks out for the quickie would be unable to hide from your wrath…

Think of various characters when you watch the video below. Anyone you’re writing about?

Character Names:
Female                                                                                     Male
Echo – Sound returned, Nymph who pined away                   Egan – a little flame
Eleana – form of Helen, “the shining one”                              Ephraim – One who is productive
Ellery – form of Hilary, cheerful woman/bringer of joy         Errol – wandering
Eris – goddess of discord                                                         Edik – form of Edward, rich guardian
Everilde- A great huntress                                                       Egor – form of George, farmer

A-Z Challenge…D

We all feel it at least once in our lives. The fear of it. The exhilaration from it.

The Dark Crystal was one of my fav movies as a kid. I loved that it scared the hell out of me even then, but I also loved (and got) the play between light and dark, good and evil, and how we all have the seeds of both inside of us.

Free Write:
Some people fear the dark, but only the one without. That’s pure foolishness. Hunters are born in the dark, grow strong in the dark, and draw power out of the dark. But it’s whether or not they can control the dark within that lets them live past their initial mastery of their skill. Excess gets everyone, good or bad. And then the Hunter feeds the dark, not the other way around.

Character Names
Female                                                                       Male
Da Xia – endless summer                                          Dewei – highly principaled
Dominique – of the Lord                                           Declan – goodness
Dena – avenged                                                         Demetrius – gift from Demeter               
Donica – gift                                                             Daksha – Brilliant
Drucilla – Strong                                                       Digby – from the dike settlement