Six Sentence Sunday!

Here are the rules…
1. pick 6 sentences from a WIP, a published book or something of YOURS.
2. link back Here
That’s it. Easy Peasy. Here’s mine 🙂

You need a place to rest, somewhere that they cannot find you, or that they dare not attack in broad daylight.

Okay, creepiness aside, the voice was making a whole lot of sense. I needed to get hidden. I had a few ideas, mulled them over while I used the shower and wrapped myself tightly in the towels that had been hanging on the wall. Mostly dry and much cleaner, I still didn’t know what to do, where to go. Fear twisted and churned and gurgled in my gut.

Six Sentence Sunday

Here are the rules…play nice kiddies 🙂
1. Pick six sentences of yours (WIP, latest release, whatever…).
2. Post ’em
3. Link back here

That’s it folks! Now, onto my Raven’s Blood snippet…

Until I figured out a few things, I didn’t want to talk to anybody. The leather of North’s chair squeaked and shifted.

“What’s the verdict?” she said softly.

“Well,” her partner whispered back and both paused. I had the feeling they were looking at me to check to see if I was awake.

Keep still, don’t let them see your breathing change.

Six Sentence Sunday…

Here are the rules…
1. pick 6 sentences from a WIP or one of your works and post ’em.
2. Link back here . That’s it.

Now, the latest snippet from Raven’s Blood

The sensation made my stomach revolt and I tried to vomit, but it wouldn’t let me. It got past muscles and wound around my organs. My liver and intestines squeezed, my lungs contracted and wouldn’t function, my heart constricted and wouldn’t relax, wouldn’t pump. I was dying. I could feel it killing me, could feel me slipping away.

Now, now. Mustn’t disappear so quickly. It’s rude to your guest…

Six Sentence Sunday

Wanna play? It’s simple.
1. pick 6 sentences from your WIP or other work.
2. Link back to Six Sentence Sunday
That’s it.
So here’s my entry. Playing with the title a bit. Raven’s Blood or Raven’s Warning sound better?

I laughed at that. I heard him laugh too, right before he slammed against the door. My puny little blockade wouldn’t hold that for any length. I felt him stomp a few steps back for another go. With nothing left to lose, I leveraged myself against the building, and leapt over the railing. I heard a growl as the door to my balcony exploded.

Six Sentence Sunday

Here are the rules…
1. pick 6 sentences from your wip, finished draft or published work.
2. post ’em and link back to here
That’s it.

Here’s my entry for today

I waved down at him and he saluted me back, turned and got into his car and drove away. I went to 16C, pushed the door open and flung my jacket and purse while my keys dangled from my hands, unused.  Did I leave the lights on?

            “Hm, the Corvus must be getting desperate.”A male voice said from the direction of my

bedroom. That was wrong; I lived alone.

Six Sentence Sunday

A little late, I know.
Here are the rules:
Choose six sentences from a wip, finished project or published release of yours.
Post them. That’s it. Want to see more? Go here.
That simple.

Here’s my entry

The crow was back. It was outside my window, cawing loud enough to wake the dead. Franco noticed it too.

            “Morgan? Isn’t that your place?” he peered over his steering wheel.