Six Sentence Sunday

Hey all!
You know the drill. Six sentences from your work in progress or one of your books. Then link back here.

Here’s mine!

Her clearly displayed NSSO tag added five years to her service contracts automatically. Especially in the Outback. Several times at dinner, the captain of the vessel had suggested as gently as possible, that should she remove such a stipulation from her contracts, her term for service would instantly be reduced. Not only that, but she would find employment a thousand times sooner. He even hinted that he would be interested in her himself should the NSSO be lifted. But she remained firm, the non-sexual services only clause would stay or she wouldn’t be contracted. 

Six Sentence Sunday

Here’s the deal.
1. Pick 6 sentences from your work, published or WIP.
2.Link Here. That’s it. Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy.

And without further ado, my 6 from my Steampunk rough draft…

There was a wintery wind blowin dust off the red rock again. It scowered his skin from his face, but Aldwyn Stockard didn’t pull up the O2 filter to save his flesh. The banada he had from his son worked just as well and saved the battery for time better spent in his mines. It’s not like he had to be pretty. He wasn’t going to meet the ship that was firing its atmospheric thrusters over head to meet a wife. He’d had one of those and look where it’d got him.