High Tide at Harvest Moon by Taryn Blackthorne

Book one in the Fundy Bay Pack series

She’s haunted. He’s lethal.

Trust issues, anyone?

Human Lexi Coolen has always been self-reliant and resilient; two traits that helped her survive her adolescence and escape her mother’s Wolf Pack. For years she’s been avoiding any trace of the supernatural world. She’s normal and wants a normal home.Wolfville, Nova Scotia (named after a postmaster, she checked) might just be the spot. But when her roommate’s date turns out to be a member of the localPack, Lexi finds out she’s broken Pack law and the price could be her life. She’s got to prove she’s not a threat to the womanizing, annoyingly handsome, Beta leader, Kerr MacDonald.

To make matters worse,Lexi discovers the local Alpha thinks she’s something called a Queller, an unimaginable treasure to a bunch of Shifters trying to hide in a modern world. Kerr starts being cagey, in more ways than one. Unable to run, incapable of fighting back, Lexi’s got to figure out a way to keep herself alive against a rising tide of magic, monsters and mayhem.

High Tide at Harvest Moon is the first in the Fundy Bay Pack series. If you like strong, independent (but not necessarily nice) heroines, sexy heroes too used to getting their own way and small-town quirkiness, you’ll love Taryn Blackthorne’s new paranormal romance. Buy your copy today!